Another Quick Update


I don’t have much time today, but I wanted to check in and confirm that I am, in fact, still here. I have to go back to work tomorrow after three weeks off, and naturally I spent zero time writing anything for this blog. I like to think I’ll get back on the blog horse in 2017, but I have a long history of half-assing things, even things I really enjoy doing. What usually happens is that I’ll get overwhelmed with ideas and can’t decide which idea I should follow first, so I just stop.

But I’m gonna try really hard to whole-ass Stay Heavy this year, because I still have a shitload of ideas, and because I really like writing. I’m currently researching what might end up being a multi-part feature on the role of heavy metal in the Satanic Panic of the 1980’s, which is a topic I find extremely fascinating, immensely frustrating, and often utterly infuriating.

Until next time, heavy people, please do remember to stay heavy.


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