Mixtape Monday, Volume 7: Metal on Metal

It’s been a while since I’ve put together a Mixtape, and I’ve been stewing on this one for a few days now.  Today’s theme is heavy metal songs about heavy metal.  There are a lot more than I’ve included here, but I wanted to keep it to a manageable amount, because this blog, unfortunately, is not my job.  You’ll note that with a single exception, all the songs on this Mixtape were recorded before 1986; it was much more common for metal bands to sing about metal back then.  The single exception to that is a band that never stopped living in 1985.  I had some difficulty putting this mix together in a proper order, so I just left the songs in the order that I typed them.  The title of this one comes from an Anvil song which does not appear on this Mixtape, because I don’t really like Anvil very much.  Let’s get down to it.

“Metal Church” by Metal Church (from Metal Church – 1984) – Metal Church hail from Seattle, Washington, and they are a vastly underrated band.  This isn’t my favorite Metal Church song or album, but it’s a pretty fuckin’ tasty song.  Rest in peace, Mr. Wayne.

“Metal church will find you, can’t run very far, the metal church inside you, it knows just who you are.”

“High Speed Metal” by Razor (from Malicious Intent – 1986) – Hailing from Southwestern Ontario, Canada, Razor played/play fast, hard, and angry thrash/speed metal.  Really, if you look at the name of the band, the name of this song, and the name of the album, there’s no possible way you could expect anything other than what you get when you play the song.  Fun fact: according to Wikipedia, the band’s hometown of Guelph, Ontario, is “consistently rated as one of Canada’s best places to live”, due to its “low crime rates, clean environment and generally high standard of living”.

“Power and mayhem, the onslaught begins, fist rises up to the sound, we tear up the stage with our violence and speed, and bring the iron hammer down.”

“Witching Metal” by Sodom (from In the Sign of Evil EP – 1984) – German thrash metal has always been a seven-headed, ten-horned beast of a different color.  Something in the water (or perhaps the air) over in Deutschland seems to have made them faster, angrier, and just a bit sloppier than the majority of their non-Continental counterparts.  Sodom are one of the “Big Three of German Thrash”, along with Kreator and Destruction.  This song is not really indicative of what they would go on to sound like, but it’s heavy, evil, and sloppy as fuck.  Rest in peace, Messrs. Witchhunter, Destructor, and Strahli.

“Metal war Sodom, wildfire Sodom, bloodlust Sodom, witching metal.” (Their English improved a lot over the years.)

“Metal Command” by Exodus (from Bonded by Blood – 1985) – Exodus is amazing.  Yesterday, today, tomorrow, for-fucking-ever.  Rest in peace, Mr. Baloff.

“A wall of sonic sound, with amps turned up to ten, our legions are advancing, to battle once again.”

“Metal Warriors (Brothers of Metal, Part I)” by Manowar (from The Triumph of Steel – 1992) – Here are some facts about Manowar: they once signed a contract with a record label in their own blood; they were once listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the World’s Loudest Band; they once fired a band member because he had been experimenting with different kinds of music in his free time, and they believed it would be “false” to continue with him in the band; they are ridiculous; they are FUCKING HUGE in Europe; they have at least 6 different songs with the word “metal” in the title; they are kind of amazing.

“Heavy metal, or no metal at all, wimps and posers, leave the hall.”

“Metal Storm/Face the Slayer” by Slayer (from Show No Mercy – 1983) – This is from Slayer’s first album, when they were a little bit less heavy, but no less evil.  The “Metal Storm” part of the song is instrumental, but it’s considered one song, so there.  Rest in peace, Mr. Hanneman.


“Metal Militia” by Metallica (from Kill ’em All – 1983) – This is from Metallica’s first album, when they were still fucking amazing.  I often forget how much I love Kill ’em All, and then I’ll listen to it again, and then I’ll end up playing it two or three times straight through.  Rest in peace, Mr. Burton.

“Joining together to take on the world with our heavy metal, spreading the message to everyone here, come let yourself go.”

“Soldiers of Metal” by Anthrax (from Fistful of Metal – 1984) – This is from Anthrax’s first album, when they barely sounded like Anthrax.  It’s also one of two songs from that album with the word “metal” in the title.  The other one has been featured elsewhere on this blog.

“The rages of fury, the cause of the fight, we’re soldiers of metal, and we rule the night.”

“Death Metal” by Possessed (from Seven Churches – 1985) – Depending on who you talk to, this song may or may not be the starting point for Death Metal as a genre.  Either way, it’s heavy as fuck, and really, really good.

“When the sun doesn’t rise and the day is like night, know that your life is at its end. Rendered helpless, so scream out in fright, death metal came in the wind.”

” Heavy Metal (Is the Law)” by Helloween (from Walls of Jericho – 1985) – I’m not a big fan of Power Metal in general, but Helloween (arguably the founders of the genre) were a pretty great band.  To be fair, they may still be a great band.  I haven’t heard anything from them past 1988’s Keeper of the Seven Keys, Part II, but their first three albums are aces.  Like Anthrax, they also had two songs with “metal” in the title on this album.

“Heavy metal can’t be beaten by any dynasty, we’re all wizards fighting with our spell.”

That’s all I got for today, you heavy fuckers.  Feel free to share some of your favorite metal songs about metal, or to ream me for not liking Anvil.  But most of all, I urge you to keep on staying heavy.  Always.


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